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12 Best Nearby Places to visit in Delhi

12 Best Nearby Places to visit in Delhi

Delhi, a bustling metropolis, is surrounded by a tapestry of destinations that offer a refreshing escape from the urban hustle. These surrounding locations offer the ideal fusion of history, nature, and cultural experiences, whether you’re longing for a day trip or weekend getaway. Come along with us as we discover the 12 Best Places to visit near Delhi magical retreats located just outside of the city.

These local escapes provide a delightful break from the bustle of the city and are like undiscovered treasures just waiting to be discovered. Whether you’re looking for spirituality, nature, or history, these 12 locations near Delhi offer an unique destinations.

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1. Surajkund (Approx. 21 km)

12 Best Places to visit near Delhi

A short distance from Delhi, Surajkund is a beautiful reservoir situated away in the Hills, offering a peaceful haven away from the bustle of the city. This historic reservoir serves as a peaceful haven for both locals and visitors. It is thought to have been constructed in the 10th century by King Suraj Pal of the Tomar dynasty. Every year, the Surajkund Mela turns the region into a vibrant cultural extravaganza with traditional crafts, folk performances, and mouthwatering food on display. Surrounded by verdant foliage and wrapped with a beautiful amphitheater shaped like the sun, the reservoir offers an ideal environment for a peaceful day trip. Enjoying relaxing walks along the beautifully landscaped avenue or boating on the calm waters provide an essential break from the excitement of the city.

Surajkund is a hidden gem that skillfully blends history, nature, and a dash of local charm, whether you’re looking for a peaceful getaway or a chance to immerse yourself in the local culture.

2. Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary (Approx. 40 km)

12 Best Places to visit near Delhi

Through its captivating bird inhabitants, Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary, situated away on Delhi’s outskirts, encourages engaged birdwatchers as well as nature lovers. The sanctuary, which is surrounded by lush vegetation and spread across hectares of wetland, offers migratory birds a welcome haven, particularly in the winter. The sound of numerous wings fills the air as you walk on the well-kept paths; pelicans, flamingos, and different kinds of ducks decorate the calm waters with their gracefulness. Visitors can witness these feathered marvels in their natural environment thanks to the panoramic views provided by the watchtowers that have been thoughtfully positioned throughout the sanctuary.

Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary is an oasis for people looking for comfort in the embrace of nature, where the vibrant colors of the birds’ color create a living canvas against the backdrop of the expansive landscape. It is not just a haven for birds. This sanctuary encourages you to participate in the captivating bird symphony by weaving a tale of biodiversity that unfolds with every step, regardless of your experience level with birds.

3. Damdama Lake (Approx. 46 km)

Damdama Lake appears as a hidden gem, only a short drive from Delhi’s busy streets. For those seeking peace and quiet, this large reservoir surrounded by lush vegetation is a welcome break. Through the hills in the background, the vibrant boats dotting the vast surface of the lake create a charming location. Nature lovers can enjoy the peace and quiet that appears around every corner, while adventure seekers can partake in activities like paddle boating and rowing. The lakefront is lined with quaint little homes that serve regional specialties, making it the ideal location for a laid-back picnic. The lake appears in vibrant colors as the sun sets, beautiful everyone who visits. Damdama Lake is more than just a body of water; it’s a calm haven where you can relax, re-establish a connection with the natural world, and enjoy life’s basic pleasures away from the excitement of the city.

4. Neemrana Fort Palace (Approx. 122 km)

12 Best Places to visit near Delhi

The Neemrana Fort Palace, perched majestically above a hillock in the center of Rajasthan, is a living example of the beauty of India’s royal past. This carefully restored fort, which dates to the 15th century, has converted into a heritage hotel with grace, giving visitors a window into the past when Maharajas and Maharanis lived here. The expansive complex transports guests to a time of regal grandeur with its elaborate architecture and colorful painting. Every room offers a luxurious haven amidst historical magnificence, combining classical design with contemporary comforts.

The terraced gardens of the palace are a delightful place for long walks. They are adorned with beautiful views and blooming flowers. The fort comes to life with cultural performances as the sun sets, making it an incredibly immersive experience. Neemrana Fort Palace is more than just a hotel; it’s a trip through time where visitors can indulge in modern comforts while savoring the charm of the past.

5. Mathura-Vrindavan (Approx. 160 km)

12 Best Places to visit near Delhi

Traveling to Mathura and Vrindavan is a pilgrimage that transports you to the core of Hindu mythology and surpasses time. The city of Mathura, where Lord Krishna was born, is resonate with old temples, colorful ghats, and a rich cultural tapestry. Offering a window into the spiritual enthusiasm that permeates the air, the ghats along the Yamuna River come alive with rituals and smell of incense. Just a short drive away, the abundance of temples in Vrindavan convey the whimsical stories of Krishna’s childhood. Both devotees and visitors are drawn to the modern marvel that is the ISKCON temple and the captivating deity of the Banke Bihari Temple.

The ‘galis,’ or tiny lanes, are a tangle of colors, melodies, and the delightful scent of regional candies. Mathura-Vrindavan is a timeless journey where mythology and reality effectively interconnect, inviting you to participate in the divine dance of Lord Krishna’s eternal affection, whether you are seeking spiritual solace, cultural immersion, or just a serene escape from the chaos of everyday life.

6. Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary (Approx. 184 km)

12 Best Places to visit near Delhi

The Keoladeo National Park, formerly known as the Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary, is a haven for nature lovers and bird enthusiasts equally, nestled in the heart of Rajasthan. This UNESCO World Heritage Site, which covers acres of marshy wetlands, is transformed into a vibrant textile of colors during the winter months when migratory birds from as far away as Siberia and Central Asia temporarily settle there. Pelicans, painted storks, and herons gracefully exist in this vibrant ecosystem that is created by the shallow waters surrounded by lush vegetation. The sounds of numerous bird species fill the air as you walk along the well-maintained paths, creating a soundscape that is exclusive to Bharatpur.

The park is the perfect getaway for people looking for peace and quiet away from the excitement of the city because it provides not only an amazing visual experience but also a deep connection with nature. Every trip to the Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary provides a reminder that the wonders of nature exist peacefully even in Rajasthan’s dry environment.

7. Agra (Approx. 233 km)

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Agra, a romantic and historically rich city, is a symbol of India’s rich cultural legacy. The timeless architectural wonder that is the Taj Mahal lies at the center of Agra’s attraction. Established by Emperor Shah Jahan in honor of his adored wife Mumtaz Mahal, this ivory-white mausoleum is more than just a building; it’s a marble symphony that inspires feelings of grandeur and love. The city is filled with a mystical energy as the sun sets, revealing the Taj Mahal in a warm glow.

Beyond the Taj, the Agra fort reveals its legends of Mughal splendor, and a short drive away, Fatehpur Sikri whispers tales of Emperor Akbar’s imaginative rule. A vibrant tapestry of regional crafts, ranging from intricate marble work to the famous Petha sweets, can be found in the bustling bazaars of Agra. Every historical monument and cobblestone street in Agra welcome visitors to immerse themselves in the rich history of India by telling a tale of a bygone era.

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8. Rishikesh (Approx. 242 km)

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Situated away in the Himalayan foothills, Rishikesh is a town filled with spiritual energy and the calming sound of the Ganges. Renowned as the “Yoga Capital of the World,” Rishikesh is a sanctuary for those seeking inner peace and self-realization. Through ashrams and yoga centers surrounding the landscape, offering comfort and an opportunity for spiritual rejuvenation, the air is filled with a delicious odor of incense. Beyond its spiritual charm, Rishikesh offers a springboard for thrilling journeys. Trekking trails adorn the surrounding hills, offering sweeping views of the Shivalik Range, while the Ganges, with its wild and untamed flow, beckons adventure seekers for white-water rafting.

The famous Laxman Jhula and Ram Jhula, which are suspended bridges over the Ganges, give the town an air of mystery. Those who come to Rishikesh in search of excitement and comfort find themselves fascinated with the city’s unique blend of adventure and peace by the banks of the holy river.

9. Jim Corbett National Park (Approx. 244 km)

12 Best Places to visit near Delhi

The Jim Corbett National Park is evidence of India’s dedication to protecting its wide variety of wildlife. This national park, which bears the name of the famous hunter who became a conservationist, Jim Corbett, is a haven for those who enjoy the outdoors and animals. It is the oldest national park in India, spanning the states of Uttarakhand and Uttar Pradesh. It features an attractive terrain of rolling grasslands, meandering rivers, and dense forests. Famous for having a sizable Bengal tiger population, Corbett is a sanctuary for these magnificent animals that provides a unique opportunity to see them in their natural environment.

In addition to tigers, the park is home to a wide range of other animals and plants, such as elephants, leopards, and more than 600 different species of birds. Safari adventures within the park offer a chance to experience the wild beauty of the natural world and the excitement of finding rare animals in their natural habitat. Jim Corbett National Park is more than just a place to visit; it’s a symphony of the natural world, with each rustle of leaves and far-off bird call contributing to the attraction of this magical landscape.

10. Morni Hills (Approx. 252 km)

12 Best Places to visit near Delhi

Situated away in the Himalayan Shivalik Range, Morni Hills is a charming getaway that seems to be an undiscovered gem. This charming hill station, only a few hours’ drive from Delhi, attracts tourists with its peaceful surroundings and clean mountain air. The hills, covered in verdant foliage, provide a break from the bustle of the city. Morni Hills is a haven for hikers and nature lovers in addition to being a stunning sight. The trails meander through meadows and heavy pine forests, culminating at vantage points offering expansive views of the surrounding hills and the peaceful Tikkar Tal Lake, which is hidden away during the mountains.

To identify those looking for a peaceful vacation, Morni Hills is the perfect place to be because of its peace and quiet. Whether you’re a seasoned hiker or just seeking a peaceful weekend escape, Morni Hills reveals its charm with each step, offering a revitalizing and refreshing experience in the middle of nature.

11. Lansdowne (Approx. 258 km)

12 Best Places to visit near Delhi

Situated away in the unspoiled Garhwal Himalayas, Lansdowne is a quaint hill station that exudes peace and provides a break from the excitement of daily existence. Situated approximately 1,700 meters above sea level, this beautiful village is surrounded by complicated oak and pine forests, which add to the peaceful environment. Named for British India’s viceroy, Lord Lansdowne, Lansdowne’s well-preserved architecture and the ruins of old churches transport visitors back to the past. Encircled by towering deodar trees, peaceful Bhulla Lake reflects on the beauty of the surroundings and offers a beautiful spot for boating and picnics.

Trekking trails that wind through the hills and provide sweeping views of the surrounding peaks provide comfort to adventure seekers. Time seems to slow down in Lansdowne, allowing guests to enjoy the simple way of life and the amazing Himalayan environment. This undiscovered treasure is a haven for those looking for a peaceful escape in the heart of the grandeur of nature, not just a place to visit.

12. Jaipur (Approx. 268 km)(Must Visit)

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The state capital of Rajasthan, Jaipur, is a kaleidoscope of vibrant colors, extensive history, and majestic architecture. Jaipur, affectionately referred to as the “Pink City,” radiates a classic charm that combines the old and the new. Visitors are welcomed by the city’s characteristic pink colors, which are a sign of hospitality, to a wealth of palaces, forts, and lively markets. The city’s architectural masterpiece, the Hawa Mahal, is recognizable for its expand network. Situated atop a hill, the magnificent Amer Fort tells stories of bravery and magnificence with its elaborate mirror work and elaborate palaces.

The City Palace, the focal point of Jaipur, is a magnificent example of Mughal and Rajasthani architecture and is home to museums that highlight the royal heritage of the area. Entering Jaipur feels similar to traveling back in time, as each alleyway narrates a tale, traditional music fills the air at every street market, and the city is bathed in a warm, golden glow at dusk. Jaipur’s charming streets provide visitors with a royal experience as the past and present interact effectively.

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