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14 Best Places to visit in Delhi for Kids with a fun adventure

14 Best Places to visit in Delhi for Kids with a fun adventure

14 Best Places to visit in Delhi for Kids

Delhi, with its rich history and vibrant culture, is not just a city for adults; it’s a playground of wonders for kids. The nation’s capital provides a variety of experiences that guarantee happiness, education, and lifelong memories, from interactive museums to expansive parks and captivating attractions. Come along with me as we explore the 14 Best Places to visit in Delhi for Kids with a fun adventure during your family vacation.

Kids can have an adventure every time they visit Delhi due to its diverse range of experiences. Just a portion of the city’s treasures await exploration—these 14 places are only a taste.

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1. National Rail Museum

Places to visit in Delhi for Kids

India’s rich railway history is demonstrated by the National Rail Museum. This charming museum illustrates an amazing collection of vintage locomotives, carriages, and artifacts and takes visitors on a captivating journey through time. The clickety-clack of vintage wheels and the rhythmic chug of steam engines from the past transport you to the the company of rail travel as you meander around the expansive campus. The world’s oldest operating steam locomotive, the Fairy Queen, and the stately Viceregal Dining Car—which once entertained celebrities during the British Raj—are the museum’s main attracts.

All ages are engaged by interactive exhibits that provide an overview into the development of India’s railway system. Particularly for the younger audience, the small train rides all through the museum convey a sense of recollections. The National Rail Museum is a must-visit location for anyone interested in discovering more about India’s unique rail legacy, regardless of whether they are a railway enthusiast or a casual traveler. It provides an enjoyable and educational experience.

2. Shankar's International Dolls Museum

Places to visit in Delhi for Kids

Shankar’s International Dolls Museum is a delightful haven that transports visitors to a playful world of cultural diversity, located away in the heart of New Delhi. Established by the well-known political cartoonist K. Shankar Pillai, this museum has an amazing collection of more than 6,000 dolls from all over the world. Every doll has a different story to tell, reflecting various cultures’ traditions, customs, and folklore. The museum is a visual feast for all ages, featuring beautiful handmade dolls dressed in colorful costumes as well as expertly created miniature instances.

As you travel through themed galleries featuring dolls from Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Americas, a cultural kaleidoscope comes to life. The museum’s mission to promote mutual understanding and cultural exchange is reflected in each carefully chosen display. For those looking for a captivating and instructive experience in the center of India’s capital, Shankar’s International Dolls Museum is a must-visit location. It is more than just a storehouse of lifeless figurines; it is an affirmation to the rich tapestry of human heritage.

3. National Science Centre

The National Science Centre is a fascinating center for scientific research and discovery that is located in the center of the busy metropolis of New Delhi. This vibrant organization provides a complete education for guests of all ages, with the goal of promoting interest and encouraging a love of science. Knowing becomes an exciting adventure due to the center’s interactive exhibits, state-of-the-art displays, and hands-on activities. The National Science Centre covers a wide range of scientific disciplines, from technological marvels to the mysteries of the universe. Here, adults are just as involved in the quest for knowledge as children are in marvel of the mysteries of physics, biology, and astronomy.

The center’s planetarium offers an additional dimension by allowing guests to travel through space and experience cosmic adventures. The National Science Centre is a must-visit location for anyone hoping to discover the mysteries of the cosmos, whether they are science enthusiasts or simply interested about the world around them. They guarantee an enjoyable and enlightening day.

4. Delhi Zoo (National Zoological Park)

15 Good Places to visit in Delhi

The Delhi Zoo, formerly the National Zoological Park, is a beautiful haven that brings the wild to the doorstep of New Delhi. This biodiverse sanctuary, spanning several acres, is home to an amazing variety of wildlife from all over the world. Explore the thoughtfully planned enclosures and you’ll come across exotic bird species, playful primates, and majestic elephants. The zoo’s attempts to replicate natural habitats, which give the resident animals an attractive and encouraging environment, demonstrate its dedication to conservation and education. A fascinating new dimension is provided by the recently constructed reptile and amphibian house, which lets guests marvel at the variety of cold-blooded animals.

In addition to preserving wildlife, the Delhi Zoo also acts as a center for education by organizing awareness campaigns and engaging displays. Promoting a sense of environmental stewardship in visitors of all ages is another benefit of a day at the zoo, which makes it a must-visit location for families seeking an unforgettable day in the center of India’s capital as well as for nature enthusiasts.

5. Bal Bhavan, ITO

Bal Bhavan at ITO is a thriving sanctuary committed to developing the city’s youth’s creativity, education, and boundless happiness. This special place is more than just a playground; it’s a vibrant place where kids can discover, educate themselves, and express themselves in a variety of ways. Bal Bhavan supports young minds’ holistic development through engaging cultural activities and interactive workshops that pique curiosity. Children engage in recreational activities on the expansive grounds, which fosters their intellectual and physical development.

The center’s dedication to education goes beyond conventional bounds, providing a range of programs that combine enjoyment and education. Bal Bhavan, ITO, is an atmosphere of kindness that encourages kids to find their talents, form enduring friendships, and develop a passion for lifelong learning. It is more than just a place to hang out. Bal Bhavan is a key component of Delhi’s cultural and educational landscape because it offers children and their families a worthwhile visit.

6. Delhi Haat, INA

Places to visit in Delhi for Kids

INA’s Delhi Haat is a colorful tapestry of colors, culture, and craftsmanship. This outdoor market offers a distinctive fusion of regional cuisine, traditional crafts, and artwork from all over India. Delhi Haat acknowledges you with a riot of color from stalls featuring intricate jewelry, handwoven textiles, and exquisite handicrafts. Walking through the busy lanes is made lively by the rhythmic beats of folk music. Delhi Haat’s constantly shifting landscape, where new state emporiums take center stage every two weeks, is one of its unique qualities. Every visit is lively and filled with a variety of regional specialties due to this rotation.

A cultural adventure with delicious dishes from different states, the food court offers more than just shopping. In addition to being a market, Delhi Haat, INA, is a cultural gathering place where craftspeople come to show off their skills and weave a charming tapestry of India’s rich past. Delhi Haat offers a thoroughly engaging experience that unites the nation’s diverse cultures in one vibrant location, catering to both experienced and novice shoppers.

7. Mughal Gardens, Rashtrapati Bhavan

Places to visit in Delhi for Kids

The Mughal Gardens are a horticultural masterpiece that masterfully combines history, culture, and the beauty of nature. They are located in the center of New Delhi, nestled within the majesty of Rashtrapati Bhavan. Inspired by the traditional Mughal garden design, these terraced lawns with colorful flowerbeds and cascading water features were created by Sir Edwin Lutyens. The Mughal Gardens are a public attraction that opens to the public during the annual Udyanotsav. They feature an incredible collection of flowers that have been carefully planted to produce a rainbow of colors. A peaceful atmosphere created by reflecting pools, rare plant varieties, and smell of blooming roses are all enjoyed by visitors.

In addition to being visually appealing, the Mughal Gardens are historically significant because they showcase the masterful architecture of a bygone era. A walk through these gardens offers nature lovers not only a visual feast but also a window into India’s rich cultural past. The Mughal Gardens offer a peaceful haven in the middle of the busy capital, appealing to both residents and visitors with their enduring charm and historical significance.

8. Nehru Planetarium

Located in the center of New Delhi, the Nehru Planetarium is a heavenly portal that invites astronomy enthusiasts of all ages to travel through space. The planetarium, which bears Jawaharlal Nehru’s name, is a center for astronomy research and instruction. It provides immersive experiences, taking guests to far-off galaxies, clarifying cosmic phenomena, and solving cosmic riddles through its cutting-edge dome-shaped theater. The engaging workshops, hosted by experienced astronomers, combine fun and knowledge to make difficult ideas about the stars reasonable to all.

In addition to teaching, the Nehru Planetarium is a centre of culture that hosts stargazing events, workshops, and astronomy festivals. The Nehru Planetarium is sure to inspire surprise and a greater understanding of the expanse of our universe, regardless of your level of experience with the heavens. The marvels of the night sky come to life on this celestial odyssey, which takes place in the center of the busy city.

9. Adventure Island

Places to visit in Delhi for Kids

Adventure Island is a vibrant haven of fun and excitement. Located in Rohini, this expansive theme park is a family-friendly haven for thrill-seekers. Through an abundance of rides ranging from thrilling roller coasters to kid-friendly wheels, Adventure Island is sure to provide visitors of all ages with a thrilling trip. The lush greenery compliments the vibrant atmosphere, making for a delightful background for a day full of excitement and laughter.

Offering a cool twist, the Water Park’s wave pools, lazy rivers, and slides provide relief from the heat of Delhi. Apart from its rides, Adventure Island is proud of its status as a center of entertainment, bringing guests’ cravings for thrills with live performances, events, and a wide range of food options. It’s more than just an amusement park when you visit Adventure Island; it’s an unforgettable experience full of humor, friendship, and the rush of overcoming gravity-defying rides right in the middle of the busy capital.

10. Children's Park, India Gate

Places to visit in Delhi for Kids

Situated away in the center of Delhi, right next to the famous India Gate, the Children’s Park is a happy place full of laughter that makes a great getaway for families with young children. Thoughtful urban planning is evident in this quaint haven that offers a break from the busy city life. Bright play structures dot the park, allowing kids to climb, swing, and slide while exploring their imaginations. The perfect green areas make the ideal backdrop for picnics, allowing families to enjoy the calm ambiance against the striking India Gate.

The park’s prime location provides a peaceful break amidst the historical grandeur, making it a popular destination for both residents and visitors. The Children’s Park at India Gate, with its positive atmosphere, is more than just a place for kids to hang out; it’s a canvas on which they paint their laughter, making memories that last long after the day is over.

11. Kingdom of Dreams

Places to visit in Delhi for Kids

The Kingdom of Dreams, an attracting world that skillfully combines entertainment, culture, and artistic expression, can be found away in the busy metropolis of Gurgaon. This famous location, which provides guests with an immersive experience that goes beyond the typical, is an attraction to India’s rich past. The centerpiece of the venue, the Nautanki Mahal, is a lavish architectural design that captures the grandeur of India’s performing arts traditions. Through its larger-than-life performances, the Kingdom of Dreams attracts audiences with everything from Bollywood-style musicals to theatrical productions.

A vibrant avenue inside the complex called Culture Gully offers a taste of various Indian cuisines and takes visitors on a gastronomic journey. The Kingdom of Dreams is a celebration of India’s artistic tapestry, presenting the nation’s cultural diversity in a single, magical space, beyond the shows and cooking treats. A trip to this cultural oasis is more than just entertainment; it’s a study of India’s spirit, with every turn reverberating the richness and beauty of the country’s artistic heritage.

12. Lodhi Garden

Hangout Places to visit in Delhi with Friends

Lodhi Garden is a haven of peace where nature and history interact peacefully. This vast green space is more than just a park; it’s a mosaic of magnificent Mughal-era buildings and lush vegetation. The park is given a sense of historical grandeur by the tombs of the Lodhi Dynasty, which date back to the 15th century. You are welcomed by a variety of flora as you stroll through the well-kept gardens, from blooming flowers to old trees that offer shade and peace.

Lodhi Garden provides a peaceful haven from the bustle of the city for both locals and visitors. Here, joggers share paths with history buffs and families out for a picnic. A lovely environment for rest and reflection is created by the calm waters of the central pond, which mirror the surrounding vegetation. For those who enjoy nature, history, or a peaceful getaway, Lodhi Garden provides the perfect fusion of Delhi’s colorful past and present.

13. Appu Ghar

Places to visit in Delhi for Kids

Through its lively ambiance and captivating attractions, Appu Ghar in Gurgaon is a recollections source of happiness that brings back childhood memories. This amusement park, which was recently redesigned after being founded in the 1980s, is proof of the timeless appeal of carefree fun. Appu Ghar promises a day full of laughter and excitement with everything from modern thrills that cater to every adrenaline level to classic rides like the roller coaster and merry-go-round.

In the middle of the city, Oysters Beach Water Park offers a splash of adventure and a refreshing twist. Bright colors and timeless appeal make this entertainment hub a haven for thrill-seekers, families, and friends equally. Appu Ghar is more than just a theme park; it’s a trip through time where kids’ laughter interacts with the whirr of rides to create an atmosphere of genuine, uncontrolled joy.

14. Purana Qila

Places to visit in Delhi for Kids

The Old Fort, or Purana Qila, is an interesting reminder of the city’s glorious past, standing tall amid the modernity of New Delhi. Constructed in the 16th century by the Mughal Emperor Humayun, this magnificent fort has seen centuries pass within its confines. Enclosed by a broad moat, the imposing building holds a museum resounding with artifacts from the Mauryan to the Mughal periods. Then you are taken to a time when emperors held court and battles shaped destinies as you meander through the exquisitely designed gates and take in the expansive gardens. The stones come to life in the evenings with a sound and light show that tells stories of love, capturing, and resiliency. Purana Qila is more than just a monument; it’s a living history that links the present to the pages of India’s glorious past, allowing guests to imagine the grandeur of the past and walk in the footsteps of emperors.