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17 Best Countries to visit in December – Top Tourist Attraction Countries

17 Best Countries to visit in December – Top Tourist Attraction Countries

17 Best Countries to visit in December

The world becomes covered in a mysterious atmosphere as December progresses, filled with twinkling lights, joyous festivities and a spirit of celebration. If you’re thinking about taking a winter vacation, December is a great time of year to go because there are plenty of destinations to suit different types of travelers. Join us as we explore the best places to travel to in December, where you can experience cultural events and winter wonders.

December is a great time to travel to many different places, each of which has its own special mix of winter attractions and cultural events. The world is yours to explore, whether your dreams are of a white Christmas in Europe, a sunny getaway in the Southern Hemisphere or a cultural exploration in Asia. Thus, gather your belongings, embrace the joyous occasion and make lasting memories that will keep you warm long after the winter blues arrive.

 So, Here we have the 17 Best Countries to visit in December to Explore

Table of Contents

1. Japan : Magical Wonderland

Top Places :- Hokkaido, Tokyo, Hakone, Sapporo, Kyoto, Nagano.

Japan’s northernmost island, Hokkaido, is a winter wonderland blanketed in pure snow. Go snowboarding and skiing in the world-class resort of Niseko or take a peaceful backcountry snowshoeing excursion. The flower fields of Shikisai-no-Oka are transformed into a snowy canvas, producing a captivating contrast.

Consider in the dazzling winter illuminations that transform Tokyo into a glittering city. Festive lights adorn the famous Tokyo Tower and Shibuya Crossing producing an amazing sight. Take a stroll through Tokyo Midtown or Roppongi Hills to see how the city comes alive at night.

Consider pleasure in Hakone’s onsens to experience the healing warmth and avoid the winter cold. These traditional hot springs, tucked away amidst snow-capped mountains, provide not only relaxation but also stunning views of Mount Fuji. Relax while taking a bath outside while snowflakes softly fall all around you.

Schedule your trip to take advantage of the Sapporo Snow Festival, a spectacular celebration of snow and ice statues. In Sapporo’s vibrant winter wonderland, marvel at the finely carved statues, take in winter sports events and enjoy local delicacies.

Discover Kyoto’s peaceful beauty in the winter. Discover the peaceful winter scenery surrounding Kinkakuji, the Golden Pavilion and stroll through the Arashiyama Bamboo Grove, which is covered in a light layer of snow. In the winter, Kyoto’s temples and shrines have a peaceful atmosphere.

Determine the entertaining Japanese macaques, also known as snow monkeys, having fun in the warm waters of Jigokudani Monkey Park by traveling to Nagano. This exceptional opportunity, surrounded by snowcapped mountains, lets you see these adorable animals in their native winter environment.

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2. Austria

Top Places :-Vienna, Salzburg, Innsbruck, Graz, Linz, Hallstatt, Vorarlberg

Vienna is the location to some of the most elegant Christmas markets, due to its imperial architecture and classical atmosphere. Glistening with lights, the magnificent Rathausplatz Christmas Market is situated against the backdrop of the City Hall. Take in live classical music performances, indulge in Austrian pastries like the renowned Sachertorte and peruse traditional handicrafts.

Salzburg, Mozart’s birthplace, enchants tourists with its festive atmosphere and historic charm. With its illuminated decorations, the Salzburg Christmas Market in Cathedral Square is a sight to behold. Grab a cup of mulled wine (Glühwein), enjoy some local fare like roasted chestnuts and explore the stands selling handcrafted gifts and ornaments.

The snow-capped peaks encircle Innsbruck’s Christmas markets, which are situated away in the heart of the Austrian Alps. Situated in the medieval square, the Old Town Christmas Market exudes a distinct atmosphere. Take a ride on the carousel, browse Tyrolean crafts and try local specialties like kiachl, a fried pastry.

The Christmas market in Graz, a city renowned for its thriving arts scene, captures the essence of its imaginative nature. The central plaza is transformed into a joyous exhibition of modern art installations and handcrafted goods. Don’t pass up the opportunity to sample traditional apple dishes and pumpkin seed oil, two Styrian specialties.

Linz, which is located by the Danube River has a modern take on a traditional Christmas market. There are more than 160 vendors selling delicious food and handcrafted goods at the Main Square Christmas Market. For a stunning view, stroll along the river’s avenue, which is lit up with holiday lights.

A tranquil Christmas market can be found in the charming village of Hallstatt, which is surrounded by a beautiful lake. Discover the charm of lakefront Christmas festivities, complete with reflected paths, while exploring booths showcasing regional handicrafts and festive fare.

The Austrian Alps encircle the region of Vorarlberg, which has Christmas markets that place a strong focus on regional customs. Discover the joyous ambiance in Bregenz, Feldkirch or Dornbirn, offering Alpine handicrafts, local delicacies and artistic exhibitions.

3. Iceland

In Iceland, visitors can witness the Northern Lights from late September to early April, with the best viewing occurring in the winter. Go to isolated locations with less light pollution if you want to increase your chances of seeing this celestial dance. The Snaefellsnes Peninsula, Jokulsarlon Glacier Lagoon and Thingvellir National Park are well-liked destinations.

When charged solar particles collide with gases in Earth’s atmosphere, the result is the Northern Lights. The auroras in Iceland are mostly green, with sporadic displays of pink, purple and blue hues. Gaining an appreciation for the science underlying this phenomenon enhances the experience.

Throughout the wintertime aurora season, one can see the Northern Lights, though their intensity varies. When planning your trip during high geomagnetic activity periods, check the aurora forecast and solar activity. The best conditions for a bright display are clear, dark nights with little to no moonlight.

There are many different interpretations of the Northern Lights in Icelandic folklore. Some see them as the gods dancing or as playful elves, while others think they are the spirits of the dead. Take in the rich cultural tapestry of Iceland by becoming knowledgeable about the regional myths surrounding the northern lights.

Choose for hotels with amenities that are conducive to viewing the Northern Lights to maximize your experience. If you want to see the night sky without any obstructions, stay in a glass igloo or unwind in a hot tub while taking in the show. A lot of places to stay in Iceland provide special experiences tailored for those who love the aurora.

4. Canada

Top Places :-Quebec, Ottawa, Yukon, Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal.

Canada comes alive with winter celebrations as the snow covers the countryside and cities. Investigate well-known occasions such as the Quebec Winter Carnival, which features colorful parades and ice sculptures. Take part in Ottawa’s Winterlude festival, which features ice skating, cultural shows and delicious food to celebrate the season.

Some of the top ski resorts in the world are located in Canada. Locations like Whistler Blackcomb in British Columbia and Banff in Alberta offer immaculate slopes and breathtaking mountain views, catering to both seasoned skiers and those who are keen to learn. Experience the exhilaration of sliding down snow-covered slopes while taking in the amazing panorama of the Canadian Rockies.

Admire the ultimate Canadian winter activity by gliding on frozen lakes or ice skating outdoors. The world’s largest naturally frozen skating rink is located in Ottawa and is over 7.8 kilometers long, known as the Rideau Canal Skateway. Put on your skates, take in the clear winter air and skate over picturesque paths and city ice.

To experience the captivating dance of the Northern Lights, travel to Canada’s northern areas, such as Yukon and the Northwest Territories. The auroras’ brilliant colors contrast beautifully with the dark winter nights, producing an incredible celestial show.

Warm up in quaint cabins, lodges or urban retreats to avoid the winter cold. With a cup of hot cocoa in hand and the peaceful winter scenery outside, cozy up by crackling fires. Numerous lodging options provide stunning views of bustling cityscapes, frozen lakes or mountains blanketed in snow.

Discover the enchantment of Canadian cities decked out in holiday lights and décor. Wander through the brightly lit streets of Vancouver, Toronto or Montreal, where festive events, winter festivals and holiday markets abound. Capture the splendor of cityscapes decorated for the holidays.

5. Mexico

Mexico’s carnivals are a visual feast that energize the senses and bring in the new year. These festivities indicate the start of a year full of happiness and celebration from the well-known Carnival of Veracruz, with its spreading rhythms and extravagant costumes to the Carnival of Mazatlán, where parades along the Malecón bring the city to life.

Mexico welcomes the solemnity and spirituality of Semana Santa (Holy Week) as Easter draws near. In cities like Taxco and San Miguel de Allende, take in moving religious celebrations, beautiful street carpets (alfombras) and the Passion of Christ reenacted. It’s a period of reflection and a special fusion of pageantry and piety.

The Posadas, a series of joyous processions that recreate Mary and Joseph’s journey to Bethlehem take place in December. Participate in the festive street processions, sing along to classic carols and savor tamales and ponche as locals get together to celebrate Christmas.

Mexico’s beaches become vibrant celebration spaces because of its long coastline. Enjoy the sun-drenched shores, upbeat music and the company of fellow revelers in a beachside ambiance that perfectly captures Mexico’s joyful spirit, from New Year’s Eve beach parties to spring break celebrations in Cancun.

6. India

Top Places :- Mumbai, Shimla, Rann Utsav in Gujrat, Nagaland, Manali, Gulmarg, Auli, Jaipur, Udaipur, Goa, Chennai, Pushkar, Pune, Agra.

India transforms into a joyful country in December as Christmas draws near. The spirit of Christmas defines everything, from the busy markets of Mumbai to the snow-capped landscapes of Shimla. There are churches filled with festive carols and streets decorated with sparkling lights. Discover the distinctive Indian take on this worldwide occasion, characterized by a fusion of regional flavors and customs.

Travel to Gujarat to experience the Rann Utsav, a cultural celebration taking place in the moonlit white desert of the Rann of Kutch. Take in the Great Rann as the backdrop for a variety of activities, exquisite handicrafts and traditional dance forms. This celebration offers a distinctive desert camping experience while showcasing Gujarat’s rich cultural tapestry.

Experience the colorful customs of the Naga people at Nagaland’s Hornbill Festival. This cultural festival which is held in Kisama, close to Kohima, unites the various Naga communities. Enjoy folk music, traditional dance performances and delicious Naga cuisine. This northeastern state’s heritage and customs are fascinatingly revealed during the festival.

December is the ideal month for snow lovers to visit the Himalayan region’s snow-covered retreats. Winter wonderlands including skiing, snowboarding and gorgeous scenery can be found in Shimla, Manali, Gulmarg and Auli. The Himalayas beckon with open arms, whether your goal is adventure or just to bask in the beauty of snow-capped mountains.

Goa is well-known for its colorful beaches and energetic vibe but the Goa Carnival in December adds even more fun to the mix. Take in the vibrant parades, eye-catching floats and energetic music that define this pre-Lenten festival. There is no other festive season on the west coast like this one, with the streets coming alive with dancers, musicians and revelers.

One of Asia’s biggest electronic dance music (EDM) festivals, Sunburn Festival, is held in Pune for those looking for a different kind of partying. This music festival is defined by pulsating beats, internationally acclaimed DJs and an electrifying atmosphere. It’s an exciting way to start the New Year and a haven for party animals.

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7. South Africa

In December, South Africa offers amazing sunshine and beautiful beaches along its coastline. Beach lovers will find plenty of sun-filled locations throughout the nation from Durban’s shores of the Indian Ocean to Cape Town’s famous Clifton Beach. Take a dip in the crystal-clear waters give surfing a shot or just kick back on the sandy beaches while the sound of the breaking waves plays in the background.

Wildlife enthusiasts can be found in South Africa’s well-known national parks such as Kruger National Park, in December. The sparse vegetation makes it easier to spot the wide variety of wildlife, making this the perfect time of year for safari adventures. Enjoy game drives that offer once-in-a-lifetime opportunities to see the “Big Five” in their natural habitat: lions, elephants, rhinos, leopards and buffalo.

Cape Town comes alive with festive cheer in December, offering a unique blend of cultural celebrations and holiday spirit. Through its lights, the Adderley Street Festival of Lights dazzles and the Victoria & Alfred Waterfront transforms into a center of entertainment. Savor the regional cuisine, take in the vibrant atmosphere and watch the famous New Year’s Eve fireworks set against the stunning backdrop of Table Mountain.

December is a great time for wine lovers to visit South Africa’s well-known Winelands. Given their charming vineyards, Stellenbosch, Franschhoek and Paarl provide gourmet dining, wine tastings and incredible views. Enjoy delicious cuisine and world-class wines while taking a relaxing drive through the rolling hills.

Durban, with its rich cultural diversity, offers a unique blend of experiences in December. Discover the Indian Quarter’s lively marketplaces and mouthwatering street cuisine. Experience a vibrant celebration of dance, music and beach activities by going to the Durban Beach Festival. Get involved with the Zulu culture of the area by participating in traditional dances and crafts.

The incredible Drakensberg Mountains offer an amazing setting for outdoor activities for those looking for an adrenaline rush. Explore the mountain trails, go rock climbing or take a hike to the famous Amphitheatre. December is a great month for these kinds of adventures because of the clear skies and comfortable temperatures.

8. Germany

Germany is renowned for its enchanting Christmas markets and December is the perfect time to explore these magical wonderlands. The aroma of roast chestnuts, the twinkling of fairy lights and the joyous laughter of both locals and tourists fill cities like Nuremberg, Munich and Cologne. Savor customary foods like bratwurst, gingerbread cookies and mulled wine while perusing booths displaying handcrafted ornaments and presents.

Consider the icy landscape that falls over the German countryside in December. Germany provides a picturesque backdrop for winter enthusiasts, ranging from the snow-capped peaks of the Bavarian Mountains to the peaceful landscapes along the Rhine River. Take a winter hike through the Harz Mountains, go sledding in the Black Forest or explore quaint villages.

December makes German cities look their most festive with elaborate decorations and sparkling lights adorning the squares and streets. Beautiful displays of holiday magic take over Römer in Frankfurt and Unter den Linden in Berlin. Savor the season’s lively energy, window displays and illuminated architecture.

Experience the joy of gliding on ice at the outdoor ice rinks that pop up in various cities. Ice skating is a delightful way to embrace the winter spirit, whether it’s the lively atmosphere at Munich’s Marienplatz or the romantic setting of the ice rink at Cologne’s Cathedral.

Germany’s UNESCO World Heritage Sites, such as the Würzburg Residence and the Cologne Cathedral, take on a special charm in winter. Enjoy a more private and tranquil visit to these cultural gems without the summer-time crowds.

9. New Zealand

New Zealanders celebrate the arrival of summer with a plethora of festivals and events in December. There’s a festive vibe in the air, from Gisborne’s Rhythm and Vines music festival to Auckland’s colorful Christmas in the Park. Accept the vibrant atmosphere and join the community in enjoying to the season’s warmth.

December is the best time of year to visit New Zealand’s immaculate beaches because summer is already well underway. Enjoy the sun, swim in clean waters and even try your hand at water sports like surfing or paddling at these beaches: Piha, near Auckland or Cathedral Cove on the Coromandel Peninsula with its golden sands.

New Zealand’s diverse landscapes offer a playground for outdoor enthusiasts. Explore the Abel Tasman Coast Track, do the Tongariro Alpine Crossing or explore the renowned Fiordland National Park. The weather is ideal for these excursions in December, giving you the chance to take in the incredible splendor of New Zealand’s wilderness.

Experience the vibrant Maori culture of New Zealand by taking part in cultural events, eating traditional hangi meals and touring important locations. Through its geothermal marvels, Rotorua offers a singular chance to discover Maori history and customs.

In order a peaceful getaway, head to the islands off the coast of New Zealand. The peaceful retreat of the Bay of Islands is offered by its remote coves and historical landmarks. To identify a more relaxed island experience visit the Abel Tasman National Park’s white sand beaches and pristine waters.

Consider part in a Kiwi Christmas, a distinctive fusion of summertime celebrations and traditional customs. Take part in a local Christmas parade, have a beach barbecue or go to a carol concert beneath the stars in the Southern Hemisphere. Take advantage of the season’s warmth by adding a Kiwi twist.

10. Australia

Australia is known for having beautiful beaches and December is the ideal month to enjoy the surf and sun. Visit Sydney’s well-known Bondi Beach to go surfing, relax on the golden sands or take the beautiful Bondi to Coogee coastal walk. Discover the beautiful shores of the Great Barrier Reef or unwind on Whitehaven Beach’s white sands in the Whitsundays.

Celebrate the holidays in true Australian style. Australia celebrates Christmas during the summer in December. Take in the holiday light displays, carol concerts and markets with the locals. To celebrate the start of the holiday season, a number of cities, including Sydney and Melbourne, host amazing fireworks displays.

Consider water adventures to discover the coastal beauty of Australia. Try paddle-boarding in the crystal-clear waters of Jervis Bay, kayaking in Sydney Harbor or scuba diving or diving in the Great Barrier Reef. December is a great month to explore the variety of marine life and engage in water sports due to its pleasant temperatures.

In Australia’s national parks, go bushwalking to explore the country’s varied landscapes. Discover the historic Daintree Rainforest in Queensland, trek through the Grampians in Victoria or explore the Blue Mountains near Sydney. The pleasant weather in December makes exploring the outdoors comfortable.

Discover the enticement of cities in Australia covered out for the holidays. Take a stroll along Sydney’s Circular Quay, where the Harbour Bridge and Opera House are illuminated with holiday charm. Brisbane’s South Bank comes alive with celebrations and Melbourne’s Federation Square is home to Christmas markets.

Consider a peaceful vacation to one of Australia’s peaceful island retreats. Discover the historic attractions of Tasmania, unwind on the Whitsundays’ beaches or travel to Rottnest Island, which is close to Perth to see the amiable quokkas.

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11. Switzerland

Get ready for an adventure through the Swiss Mountains on foot. Famous locations such as Zermatt, Verbier and the Jungfrau Region turn into refuges for fans of winter sports. The Swiss mountains are a winter wonderland for thrill-seekers, whether you’re snowboarding through powdery terrain, skating down perfect slopes or cozying up in a carriage ride.

Through the taste of mulled wine and festive treats filling the air, Switzerland’s Christmas markets are a delightful spectacle. Discover the Zurich Christkindlimarkt, where merchants sell locally made goods and seasonal fare. Explore Basel’s medieval streets to take in the charming Christmas market set against the city’s stunning architecture.

Switzerland offers beautiful scenery without the rush of a high on its winter hiking trails, for those looking for a more peaceful experience. For a peaceful winter stroll amid snow-covered scenery, the panoramic trail around Lake Lauenen and the Five Lakes Walk in Zermatt are perfect.

Embrace the joy of ice skating in picturesque settings. From the rinks in front of the Matterhorn in Zermatt to the frozen lakes in St. Moritz, you can glide gracefully surrounded by stunning alpine scenery.

Consider attractive train rides that highlight the beauty of Switzerland in the winter. Views of snow-covered landscapes, quaint villages and frozen lakes are expansive from the Glacier Express, Bernina Express and Golden Pass Line.

12. Czech Republic

At the Old Town Square, you can begin your journey right in the center of Prague. One of Europe’s most charming Christmas markets is located in this square which is decorated with a magnificent Christmas tree and is bordered by buildings dating back hundreds of years. Discover the handmade crafts, festive treats and the traditional Czech pastry, trdelník, at the wooden stalls.

Prague may have the most well-known Christmas market, but other Czech cities also celebrate the season. Consider in the atmosphere of Brno’s Christmas market which is set against the foreground of the city’s famous Cathedral of St. Peter and Paul or visit Český Krumlov for a medieval-themed market.

Pleasant your spirits with hearty Czech winter cuisine. Taste traditional fare such as goulash, bramboráky (potato pancakes served with sour cream) and svíčková (marinated sirloin). To fully enjoy Czech cuisine, pair these treats with a cup of medovina (honey wine) or svařák (mulled wine).

Winter sports enthusiasts should visit the beautiful mountain town of Špindlerův Mlýn, located in the Krkonoše Mountains. Take a beautiful winter hike with views of snow-covered landscapes or enjoy skating and snow-boarding.

13. Maldives

In the Maldives, the dry northeast monsoon season begins in December. Through clear skies, mild breezes and warm temperatures, the weather is perfect for beach time and romantic walks along the beaches.

Put on your swimming costume and explore the vibrant underwater world of the Maldives by diving or snorkeling in the pristine waters. December is a great month to see a variety of marine life, vibrant coral reefs and imposing manta rays because of the good visibility. Explore the well-known dive sites around the world such as Banana Reef and Maaya Thila.

Take pleasure in the ultimate in tropical luxury when you stay in one of the famous overwater bungalows in the Maldives. A private and romantic getaway is offered by these accommodations which feature amazing sunset views and private decks with direct access to the ocean. Experience luxury at world-class resorts such as Soneva Jani, Anantara Veli and Gili Lankanfushi.

To identify those who enjoy water sports, December is ideal. A perfect playground for water sports, the calm waters and pleasant weather are perfect for windsurfing, kayaking and jet skiing. You can make the most of your vacation by taking advantage of the free water sports equipment that many resorts provide.

Plan a private trip to a deserted island for a genuinely intimate experience. This unique experience is available at many resorts, letting you and your significant other spend a day alone on a beautiful sandy island with a picnic and stunning views.

14. Sri Lanka

The Island’s rich greenery, golden beaches and historical sites can all be explored without being interrupted by rain during the dry season, which showcases Sri Lanka’s most stunning natural features.

Discover the rich cultural variety of Sri Lanka by touring UNESCO World Heritage sites, ancient cities and temples. Find out the revered city of Kandy, which is home to the Temple of the Tooth Antique and ascend the recognizable Sigiriya Rock for awe-inspiring sweeping vistas. December has a nice weather for visiting cultural sites.

Enjoy carefree relaxation under the sun on the immaculate beaches of Sri Lanka. December offers the ideal weather for on the beach bliss, whether it’s on the beautiful shores of Mirissa, the surfer’s paradise of Arugam Bay or the peaceful beaches of Tangalle. Consider up water sports, go whale watching or just relax under the tropical sun while reading a book.

Consider a vacation to Nuwara Eliya, a lovely tea plantation located in the cool highlands. Enjoy freshly brewed Ceylon tea, learn about the tea-making process and go on a guided tour of a tea estate. The cool December air gives your hill country experience a welcome twist.

Set out on one of the most beautiful train journeys globally as you travel the verdant landscapes of Sri Lanka. A must-do experience is the train ride from Kandy to Ella, which passes through gorgeous tea estates and misty mountains. The beautiful weather in December ensures unbroken views of the amazing landscape.

15. Thailand

December is the ideal time of year to enjoy outdoor activities, such as exploring bustling city streets or relaxing on perfect beaches, due to the cooler temperatures and little rainfall.

Escape to the heavenly Thai islands where turquoise waters meet golden shores. Relax on the quiet beaches of Koh Samui and Phuket or step out to the Phi Phi Islands for beach parties and scuba diving. The weather in December is perfect for water sports and island hopping.

Explore historic sites, thriving markets and ancient temples to learn about Thailand’s rich cultural legacy. See the magnificent What Pho, the historic city of Ayutthaya or Bangkok’s Grand Palace. The pleasant weather in December makes exploring these cultural treasures comfortable.

Thailand’s street food location is a gastronomic adventure and a culinary paradise. Enjoy the variety of Thai street food flavors, ranging from mango sticky rice to Pad Thai and Som Tum. December is a great time to enjoy these delicious treats even more because of the cooler temperatures.

For a taste of both culture and adventure visit the northern regions of Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai. To discover the area’s natural beauty, go on treks, visit hill tribes and explore the lush jungles. December provides nice weather for outdoor activities.

Thailand offers many kinds of national parks and wildlife reserves for those who enjoy the outdoors. Go trekking in Doi Inthanon National Park, explore the ancient rainforests of Khao Sok National Park or explore the marine life of Mu Ko Ang Thong National Park.

16. Brazil

Escape to Brazil’s iconic beaches and bask in the sun. In order an experience of the vibrant beach culture, visit Praia do Forte in Bahia or Copacabana in Rio de Janeiro. December is a great month to visit the long coastline for swimming, water sports and relaxation due to its warm temperatures.

The Amazon rainforest beckons to those looking for an adventure amidst nature. Even though December falls during the rainy season, it makes the verdant surroundings more vibrant. Take a riverboat ride, discover the biodiversity and get up close and personal with rare animals in one of the most amazing ecosystems on Earth.

Discovering Rio de Janeiro is a must-do activity on any trip to Brazil. For amazing city views, visit the famous Christ the Redeemer statue above Corcovado Mountain. Take a tour of Santa Teresa’s and Lapa’s historic neighborhoods and don’t miss the energetic Selarón Steps.

Copacabana Beach in Rio de Janeiro serves as the focal point of one of the world’s most spectacular New Year’s Eve celebrations, which is widely recognized to take place in Brazil. Come celebrate with millions of people wearing white for a night of music, fireworks and customary offerings to the sea goddess Yemanjá.

Travel to the Argentina-Brazil border to see the incredible Iguazu Falls. December offers an attracting sight with its abundance of greenery and flowing water. Explore the paths surrounding the falls and take a boat ride to get a close-up look at the gushing water.

Take in the vibrant arts scene and cosmopolitan atmosphere of São Paulo. See the São Paulo Museum of Art (MASP), take a walk through the colorful, street-art-filled Vila Madalena neighborhood and sample the many cuisines the city has to offer.

Explore the largest tropical wetland area in the world, the Pantanal. The wet season begins in December and turns the area into a paradise of standing water. Join a guided tour to see a variety of wildlife, such as capybaras, jaguars and colorful bird species.

17. Dubai

Dubai’s December welcomes visitors with comfortable temperatures, making it an ideal time to explore the city’s outdoor attractions. Enjoy the pleasant weather as you start your journey through Dubai.

When it comes to festive décor, Dubai goes all out. Twinkling lights and elaborate decorations adorn the city’s famous landmarks, shopping centers and streets, creating a magical atmosphere that heightens the festive mood.

At Ski Dubai, inside the Mall of the Emirates, you can enjoy winter sports and escape the heat of the desert. You can ski, snowboard or just relax with a hot chocolate in a winter wonderland at this indoor ski resort.

Take a thrilling desert safari to explore the captivating desert landscapes. Enjoy a traditional Bedouin dinner served under the stars while riding over the golden dunes and taking in the beauty of the desert sunset.

December is the ideal month for a shopping spree in Dubai, a haven for compulsive shoppers. Explore the opulent malls in the city, like Mall of the Emirates and The Dubai Mall to find a world of luxury goods, electronics and high-end fashion.

Demonstrate in the incredible LED light show of the recognizable Burj Khalifa as it illuminates the night sky. As the tallest structure in the world, it offers an amazing background for your vacation pictures in Dubai.

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